Friday, October 13, 2006

Why did Bush invade Iraq? $6-20 TRILLION minimum for oil companies

Take the current price of oil, about $60 per barrel, and assume that won't change much (the general trend will be up though) and multiply that by the range of estimates of unpumped oil in Iraq. The Brookings Institute says the DOE lowballs it at 112 billion barrels but some estimates are as high as 300 bbl.

112 billion x $60 = $6.7 trillion

300 billion x $60 = $18 trillion

If you fool around with different pricing scenarios, it's not hard to imagine those numbers being a lot higher, particularly as other oil reserves run dry, the prices run up, and the Persian Gulf is the last place with easily recoverable oil.

Bush forced the Iraqis to denationalize their oil, cancelled Saddam's contracts with other countries, and gave them to American companies.

Everything else Bush has done has been about cronyism or suckering the religious right enough to vote for him so that he can practice cronyism.

Why is it so hard for the press, the Democrats, and even most in the "progressive" press to say out loud that Bush went there to steal oil and give it to his friends?



colorado bob said...
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colorado bob said...

Professor ..... Thought you might find this interesting ... It sure got my attention :

Grain stockpiles at lowest for 25 years

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colorado bob said...

Anon .... Watched the vid right up to the point where they go into weeds on 9/11 ... I believe we invaded Iraq for oil, I believe that resource wars are coming { water } I believe that Peak Oil is coming , but I don't believe the Bushites had a hand in 9/11. Never under estimate plain ole' human blundering and stupidity.

Prof .. Thanks for the post. I got a new Mac. back in Aug. and it's taken over my life. I knew zero about any of this stuff, but being an artist all my life, I love the way images can be manipulated with it . I got a program called the Graphics Converter... very German ...very well done ... very dense to learn.

Have you see this guy : Micah Wright

Here's some other stuff I'm foolin' around with :


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Thanks for the link!

I've seen those propaganda remixed posters and used them in class, but didn't know the original source.