Sunday, September 05, 2010

Should Democratic base VOTE bipartisan like Dem leaders?

Seriously, since Obama continued the Wall Street Bailout, based half the stimulus on GOP ideas, asked Republicans for advice on health care reform and passed a version strikingly similar to Republican Mitt Romney's in Massachusetts, and now are making noises about the need to cut the budget, especially social security with his catfood commission headed by right wing crank Alan Simpson, wouldn't he be pleased if we donated to, campaigned, and voted for SOME Democrats and SOME Republicans?

I can't think of a single Republican I'd want to vote for, but they must have an important contribution to make since the White House bends over backwards to get their advice and uses their ideas even when it doesn't result in Republican votes and even when he didn't NEED Republican votes.

Wouldn't it make him happy if we followed in his footsteps?

Would Obama, Rahm and gang be happy if Democratic base practiced bipartisan voting and campaigning?
YES, we should follow the example of our leader
YES, Obama, Rahm and gang would be more comfortable working with Republicans anyway.
NO, only our leaders know when it's best to do the heavy lifting for their political opponents.
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