Thursday, October 26, 2006

VIDEO: Bush & co. "Stay the course" then "NEVER said stay the course"

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One of the most effective hits on Kerry during the 2004 campaign was "flip flopper," that helped by saying he "voted for the bill before he voted against it" instead of "the later version had changes that I couldn't support" or something like that. But at least he didn't say he never supported it.

This is remarkably similar to what the Bushies did with weapons inspectors in Iraq before the war. One of Bush's demands was that Saddam let weapons inspectors back into Iraq. Apparently, he didn't expect Saddam would actually agree, which he did, and the inspectors found nothing. The Bushies improvised by saying it was because Saddam was hiding the weapons from them therefore we must attack anyway. But once the weapons inspectors pulled out before our attack, Bush went back to saying the war was because he wouldn't let weapons inspectors in as if they had never been there.

And most people swallowed it.

The protagonist's job in the commie dictatorship in 1984 was cutting people who fell from government favor out of news stories and photos, but in real life, that is unnecessary. Most people never think to check the archives and those who get their news from Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Fox News probably believed Bush never said "stay the course" as soon as he said he never said it. And if he says he never said he never said it, they will believe that too and dutifully forget the previous revision.

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