Sunday, October 29, 2006

VIDEO: Great 'stamp act' ad against Allen, sad story on use...

This is exactly the kind of ad I've been waiting for the Democrats to run and it is on a substantive issue.

Click on pic to see flick

The tragedy is the story the guy who made this told, which I hope is not true:

I made this ad as a free gift to the Webb campaign. I felt this would strike a chord across party lines. The Webb campaign and the DSCC "LOVE IT," but tell me that they cannot run it because they did originate the concept, and their "rules" prevent its use. Webb is at least 4 points behind Allen. I believe that if they ran this ad, Webb would take Virginia. If anyone knows someone with the guts to run this thing on the air, about half a million dollars is all it would take!

Why in god's name would you NOT run a memorable, issue based, effective ad?

I can't believe that it is just that the Democrats are married to some brain dead campaign consultants who couldn't sell water to someone whose ass was on fire.

If Webb is running a better ad, post it, so I'll have a reason to hope the Dems aren't shooting themselves in the foot with blandness again.


colorado bob said...

Bush tells Rush it is about oil ... Carpetbagger Report

colorado bob said...

Another Iraq oil story :
" Iraq hopes to finalise oil law by year-end
BAGHDAD: A policy committee hammering out a draft oil law for Iraq now has only one key issue left to resolve and the legislation should be enacted by year-end, Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih said yesterday. "

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