Friday, October 27, 2006

Help remove Arnold Schwarzenegger--take 30 sec to google bomb

Arnold Schwarzenegger will no longer be a California problem if he is re-elected--he will like be promoted to the Senate and they will try to run him for president (in spite of the Constitution).

He is as much a tool of the same handful of corporate interests as Bush & Cheney, but is a test product for areas where the religous right shtick doesn't sell. The result is the same though. Essential services like education cut, teachers, nurses, and firefighters get the beat down, corporations get a free ride, and the rich get a tax cut.

This bit of code will take someone to a page of Arnold with his hand on a woman's ass, smoking pot, and off to the side, links to his dealings with Enron, and other embarassments.

This is not just a political itch for me--it could be the difference between losing my job or not. When Arnold 'won' the recall, he cut education so draconianly that one of the community colleges I worked at fired a third of their part time faculty (and we make up three fourths of the faculty at most schools), and then tried to raid the public employees pensions.

If you have a blogspot blog, this is easy: just post this in your blog's template, then after you save, hit the 'republish entire blog' button so it puts the tag on all your archived pages.

CA governor <a href=" ">Arnold Schwarzenegger</a><Br>

CA governor <a href=" " rel="tag">Arnold Schwarzenegger</a><Br>

california governor<a href=" " rel="tag">Arnold Schwarzenegger</a>

For instructions on pasting in other blog software, go here:

At the very least, you can paste it into a post on your blog or comments on discussion boards. Given the personal attacks the right has used in the past not just on Democrats but even Republicans who weren't slavish enough, like John McCain, you know this is the kind of article they will pay attention to, but there are also links to more substantive issues.


colorado bob said...

I can help with that one, I got more blogger sites than I know what do.

colorado bob said...

Dropped my loads on the " Govern-nador's" virtual house .... All 5 loads on target.

I'll pass your project along tonight.

colorado bob said...

I'll get a post up on TYKO in a bit for ya. It's not big, but it's doing 200 to 300 hits a day.... I'm dropping this in the comments boxes :


Prof. Smartass is google bombing the Governor of Calf. if you would like to help, here's his site with the full story :

I love doing this kind of stuff, makes me feel like I'm actually doing something.

colorado bob said...

Here ya go :

click here

colorado bob said...

Here's a guy you might like ... A Brit & crazy as a three dollar bill.

Chase me, ladies, I'm in the cavalry

See ya later.

colorado bob said...

Building a new site ..... Tell me what you think :

click here