Saturday, October 21, 2006

Michael J. Fox stem cell commercial for Senate candidate

For the past couple of decades when it comes to advertising, the GOP has been like Coca-Cola and the Democrats have been like a local mortgage company offering a new way to amortize your mortgage.

Until now.

The first ad that made it's point in a simple, direct and memorable way was this ad on the obsolete body armor given to our troops:

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Vote up youtube video of this ad

Now Michael J. Fox nails it in this ad on stem cell research for US Senate candidate from Missouri, Claire McCaskill.

On many issues, Democrats have the right ideas, but talk like accountants and bureaucrats instead of like and to real people. They also seem to be so afraid of offending the religious right and corporations that they forget a lot of people would vote FOR them if they were actively AGAINST those core GOP supporters who are screwing the rest of us while our elected representatives sit on their hands.

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John F. said...

Michael's video isn't showing up on your blog (maybe it's just my browser?).

You hit a good point with regards to how Democrats have traditionally approached these ads from the political point of view. Putting a face on the issue to explain the issue helps...

The GOP has done a good job making every Dem issue a boogie-man issue. Gay marriage, gay adoption, taxes, etc.

I think of this ad as very in-your-face. I cringed seeing it because of who it was, and how bad he's doing... I'm pro-stem cell research but rarely do I get to see WHY. Seeing someone like Mike -- who has been someone I've looked up to since childhood -- afflicted like this puts a real face on the issue.

colorado bob said...

Funny ... I wrote the same thing, in a slightly different way :

The modern Republican Party has adopted :
ODERINT DUM MET UANT, "let them hate us, as long as they fear us." as their way forward. You know who said that ? ...... Caligula
Now I'm a great admirer of the Romans, but things didn't work out real well for the " Viper of the Roman People "

The Democratic Party is working on a position paper, and we hope to see it soon .... all 6,000 pages of it.

colorado bob said...

Thanks Prof.... That button looks better than my whole site. People have said that there's : " A lot goin' on with it ."
I tell em' I'm trying to make it have the look of Pakistani Public Transportation .

colorado bob said...

Look what I found : click here