Wednesday, July 04, 2007

POLL: Is it taxation without representation if those we elect ignore the public will?

There are a number of issues both parties do this on like trade and immigration.

The Democrats in particular ignore their base on these core issues:

  • the Iraq War
  • potential Iran War
  • impeaching Bush & Cheney
  • healthcare reform that eliminates insurance companies or at least makes them subservient to the public good.
In some ways, we have exactly what Bush gave the Iraqis: the appearance of democracy that is intended to anything but actually represent our interests.

Maybe the only thing that's changed since 1776 is who's doing the screwing and how subtly they are doing it.

Is it taxation without representation if those elected ignore public will?
YES--it is taxation without representation. We are suckered into thinking we have a choice then just get screwed from a slightly different position.
NO--business interests are just more effective at working the system than us, so it's our own fault.
NO--people like the glacial, inperceptible change the Democrats pursue. That's what people really dislike about the Patriot Act--passed too darned fast.
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