Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sen. Carl Levin criticizes Iraqis for not giving up their oil fast enough

The most excruciating thing about the Bush administration's oil theft law they are forcing on the Iraqis is not the silence of most Democrats in Congress about it, but that even in the midst of calling for our troops to withdraw, DEMOCRATS demand that Iraqis pass the law that will give over 80% of their oil income to big oil companies, as Levin did during a speech on his own troop withdrawal bill:

The Iraqi leaders agreed to approve the hydrocarbon law by October 2006 as well. That too has not been accomplished. They didn’t do what they had promised they would do.
I would like to believe Levin and others like him who voted for including passage of the Hydrocarbon Law in the benchmarks in their Iraq bill are just ignorant, but it isn't true. When they say Bush has mismanaged the war, they aren't being euphemistic and pussyfooting around saying he shouldn't have gone in at all--they really mean me mismanaged invading Iraq and giving its oil to American corporations with enough subtly and finesse that the Iraqis didn't complain too much--if that's even possible.

Just this Monday, 5oo Iraqis in Basra were protesting this law Levin is demanding they pass. If we want to teach the Iraqis something about democracy, we should refrain from telling them what laws to pass about their oil, especially when they have a gun to their head.

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