Saturday, July 21, 2007

Iraqis vow mutiny over Bush OIL THEFT LAW

Why aren't the Democrats denouncing and investigating this Hydrocarbon Law that Iraqis don't want but Bush is forcing on them?

Gen. Jay Garner, the first guy Bush appointed to run Iraq said trying to privatize their oil would lead to violence. He was right, but the Bushies are still trying to do it anyway.

The blood of our troops and the Iraqis is on the hands of the Bush administration but if the Democrats as a group fail to speak out on this economic war crime, it will be on their hands too.

Iraq unions vow 'mutiny' over oil law

"This law cancels the great achievements of the Iraq people,"
Subhi al-Badri, head of the Iraqi Federation of Union Councils, told the al-Sharqiyah TV station. He referred specifically to laws that nationalized Iraq's oil sector.

Iraq holds 115 billion barrels of proven reserves, the third largest in the world, and likely much more when the country is fully explored.

It could produce more than the 2 million barrels per day, and many are pushing the oil law as a means of solidifying investment in the sector. The law, as drafted, allows for foreign access to the oil, a line that must not be crossed, the oil unions say.

"If the Iraqi Parliament approves this law, we will resort to mutiny," he said. "This law is a bomb that may kill everyone. Iraqi oil does not belong to any certain side. It belongs to all future generations."


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