Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dem. Sen. Carl Levin parrots Bush criticism of Iraqi PM

Levin, chair of the senate armed services committee, does throw a sop to the anti-war movement by saying we should begin pulling out troops, but it is striking how closely his talking points track with Bush's, just as in this earlier email:

Ironically, Bush has already backtracked on his criticism, and forgot to tell the toadying Levin.

Back in March, Maliki himself said he had already knew why Bush would withdraw his support--if the Hydrocarbon Law that gives most of Iraq's oil wealth to American companies (who have a poor track record of sharing with us) didn't pass.

Iraqi oil workers, scholars, Saddam era bureaucrats, and even the vice president of Iraq have said this oil law will screw Iraq. The parliament has likely not rejected it outright because they know Bush will probably dissolve the parliament then dissolve them if they do.




If they pass the law, the Iraqis would do the same. I'd go on vacation if I were them too.

Likewise, the Bushies and fellow travelers if not allies like Levin are probably pissed off that Maliki is pursuing good relations with neighbors Iran and Syria who Republicans and not a few Democrats are looking for an excuse to invade.

Maliki & Iran story
Maliki & Syria story

The Bush-picked president of Afghanistan also has friendly relations with Iran and says they are a stabilizing force in his country, much to Bush's frustration.

If we were really interested in teaching these countries democracy, their elected officials working on good relations with their neighbors and protecting their natural resources from foreign exploitation would be seen as good things.

Instead, DC wants the appearance of democracy and the reality of obedient puppets.

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