Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wear orange until Bush and Cheney are impeached

I went to the fabric store to buy three different kinds of orange fabrics to mess around with. The high school girl who cut it for me ask why so much of the same color and I told her the World Can't Wait has come up with this campaign to show national, public support for impeaching Bush & Cheney. She got excited and said she was going to get all her friends to do it too.

The campaign would like to get critical mass on this by Labor Day, and especially have people wearing orange on ORANGE FRIDAYS.

The choice of colors has a couple of advantages:
  • It echoes the orange revolution in the Ukraine, which is a great irony since Bush criticized that government for rigging elections when the exit polls didn't match the vote.

  • Orange is a bright, annoying color, most people don't wear in most situations.

  • Enough construction workers wear orange that it will make it look like even more support the campaign.

  • It is also the color of the jumpsuits of the prisoners at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib.

  • Rush Limbaugh has been selling orange "Club Gitmo" wear for a while, so some dittoheads will unwittingly be participating in the campaign.

The World Can't Wait has bandanas and tees, but if you can't afford to buy anything from them, you could go to a thrift store and buy a couple of orange tee shirts, or a strip of fabric from a fabric store to make a bandana, scarf, or armband. You can also buy one of those rubber wristbands in orange.

Some variations you can do with this:

  • Tie an orange ribbon to the antenna on your car or side mirrors.

  • Send an orange postcard to your senators and reps with just the words IMPEACH NOW on it. (or maybe tell them you'll wear orange until they do their job and impeach, so every time they see the color they'll remember they aren't doing their job).

  • Send that postcard to the White House too. What the hell. You know you're on the list already.

  • Put an orange banner or background on your blog.

  • You might also send a nice orange tie or scarf to your favorite White House press corps reporter and say you would be honored if they wore it at press conferences, especially when they're with Bush himself. (Whether or not you tell the reporter the significance of the color is up to you). Hell, Helen Thomas might wear it even if you tell her what it's for.

  • Even better, when Cheney goes hunting, he will be supporting impeaching himself.

Will you participate in this campaign?

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Anon-Paranoid said...

That's a good idea. In fact why don't they say Impeach Bush and Cheney on the back of them. Or even on the front depending what type of item it is.

God Bless.