Wednesday, August 22, 2007

VIDEO: Fox News news recycles Iraq propaganda for Iran

Mainstream TV news networks uncritically presented the Bush administration's exaggerations and outright lies that made up their case for war with Iraq, but Fox went the extra mile and called anyone who questioned the case for war a conspiracy theorist and traitor.

The guy who made this documentary made one shortly after the Iraq War started talking to intel experts in the CIA, State Department, and Pentagon about how intelligence was intentionally fabricated and distorted to sell the war. It took a few more years for most Americans to realize what he documented way back then.

He also did an excellent (and funny) one on propaganda methods used at Fox News. My favorite part is in the trailer when they say there aren't more black cops because they are afraid of water. I told somebody about that once and they refused to believe it until they saw it. Watch the trailer and see for yourself.

Now the drumbeat for war is starting again, this time for war with Iran.

So far, the public isn't listening. If they were, they might here some odd facts that counter the administration. For example, just as Bush was trying to say that Iran was helping the Taliban, his hand-picked president of Afghanistan said Iran was helping to STABILIZE his country.

The prime minister of Iraq seems to share the President of Afghanistan's view, much to Bush's frustration:

Iran hasn't helped their case by having a Holocaust denial conference, but that doesn't merit killing tens of thousands of Iranians and possibly starting a World War when Russia and China come to Iran's defense.

Military strategist at the Pentagon have said attacking Iran is a really, really dangerous idea. At the very least, they could finance terrorist attacks on American people and interests all over the world. At worst, China and Russia will not tolerate the US having an absolute stranglehold on the world's primary supply of oil.

Incidentally, China doesn't have to fire a single missile or send a single soldier to retaliate--they simply have to stop buying our debt that Bush is running up to pay for the war.

That could destroy our economy and either end the war, or with Bush at the wheel, more likely he'd spend the cash on hand to try to use our troops to hold onto Iraq and Iran's oil, and cut spending at home to the bone, so more bridges collapse, more natural disaster victims are ignored, kids and their family bear more of the brunt of college costs, and grandma's social security check won't come on time, so they'll kick her out of the home and she'll be living in your garage.

And that's the mildest scenario.

Russia has surface skimming nuclear anti-ship missiles, the Sunburn, that we have no countermeasures for, so one shot could kill the thousands of sailors and marines on one of our aircraft carriers in an instant. Things would go downhill from there.

It could be that the Bushies just do a token bombing of Iran to prove their manhood on the way out, and try to goad them into retaliating so Bush has an excuse to escalate, just as they are already doing by sending special forces into Iran. Ironically, in both instances, we are depending on Iran acting more responsibly than the Bush administration to prevent this from escalating to a world war.

None of this had to happen.

Shortly after we invaded Iraq, Iran made a sweeping peace proposal that was personally received by Karl Rove that would have recognized Israel and cut off funding for terror attacks in Israel, and helped us fight al Qaeda, something they offered to do from the start. They also offered tighter inspections of the nuclear program, which the Bushies are supposedly worried about. Bush ignored this overture, which probably didn't help the semi-moderates in Iran.

But you can't settle your difference with negotiation when the real agenda is seizing a country's oil assets worth tens of trillions of dollars which no government would give away on the terms Bush wants since they would risk the wrath of their own people. That is why the Iraqi parliament members are dragging their feet on passing the Bush backed Hydrocarbon Law that would give control of their oil to transnational corporations like ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, Shell, and BP. As much as the Iraqis fear Bush and the gun he has in their faces, they know their own people would not rest until they were dead if they gave away the one thing of value their country has: oil.


Think of how hard the Iraqis are fighting us, now imagine adding a war on top of that with a country that has three times the population, six times the land area, more ethnic unity, and China and Russia backing them up.

Tell the networks to stop the propaganda and your congressman and senators that we have the tar and feathers ready if they make one move toward starting another unnecessary war.

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