Monday, February 16, 2009

Screw bankers BACK: switch to a credit union

Banks are owned by stockholders like any corporation, so if it can make money by screwing its customers, it will--and DOES with ridiculous overdraft charges, late fees, scam mortgages, and reduced in-person service.

Credit unions are owned by their member-customers and employees, so taking care of customers is taking care of owners.

We can't seem to stop the government from writing blank check after blank check to the banks that immediately squirrel them away in the Caymen Islands, but we can get even with banks by taking our money OUT of them and switching to a credit union.

Frankly, if we were serious about saving American jobs at the car companies (or any other industry decimated by outsourcing and executive self-dealing), we would switch them to the credit union business model instead of the dictatorship of incompetent, spoiled trust fund babies of the corporate model.

If you already think that's a good idea, put together some funny video parodies of the Mac vs. Pc commercials on banks vs. credit unions you can send to your friends to convince them:

You could help them out by searching for their videos on youtube with ''bank vs credit union'' and viewing and voting for them there too.

Then spread it around.

All videos at their website:


Anonymous said...

yeah - that's it go to credit union. credit Unions don't pay taxes - good luck paying off all this debt.

Anonymous said...

tell above commentor to STFU.

much like jury nullification being a last resort for rule of law for the people and by the people, this idea has huge merit.

Banks are running a song and dance that involves the gernal population getting nickled and dimed to the poorhouse while bankers and the finacial wizards of wallstreet are crapping in gold plated toliets. AND we are giving them money to BAIL them out.

Remove them from the equation and the people save big. Let them go belly up and die.

But that is why we bailed them out. Because if they go belly up alot of RICH people stand to lose.

Poor people? Who cares. We get fresh shipments every year from South of the border.

Bank Runs For The Win.

That is a message the people can send to our government. TARP? We don't think so.


Anonymous said...

We did that a long time ago in our house. We pay NO fees for our savings account that our paychecks are direct deposited into...and we only pay cash for our expenses. All we have to do is keep the minimum $25 in our account...the rest is free. No fees, no hidden charges...nothing. It's good to be smart...