Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama should make an example of ONE Wall St. exec

Pick one investment bank, hedge fund manager, or whatever CEO and publicly have Justice Dept. make the guys life a living hell. Prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law, have forensic accountants find his hidden assets, hook him up to a polygraph to find what accountants couldn't, and after he is convicted, throw him in a regular prison and tell the inmates he is a child molester--or just tell the truth: this is the guy that threw your moms out of her house.

Ideally, it should be THE most powerful CEO of the biggest institution.

Personally, I think Hank Paulson would be a good choice since people recognize his name and face, but in his spirit of bipartisanship, Obama probably wouldn't pick him.
More than a bailout or reregulation, this would restore public confidence because it would tell the public that banks are the governments (and by extension our) bitch, and not vice versa, that they can not rob us at will, avoid punishment, then make US pay to clean up after their crimes.

The only thing better than Obama picking the person to prosecute would be to narrow it down to a pool of a half dozen, and give them a month to sway the public as to which of their colleagues in the pool should be the scapegoat, and see how quickly and thoroughly they do our work for us and expose each others crimes to save their own necks.


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If only...