Saturday, May 19, 2007

KUCINICH hammers Democrats for ignorance & inaction on Iraq oil theft law

Why is Dennis Kucinich one of only a small handful of our elected representatives who is talking about the primary motive for the war and an oil law Bush is forcing on the Iraqis that will inspire more animosity toward our troops?

Kucinich said the following in response to a Washington Post story that said Bush is now open to some benchmarks:

“Of course the President isn’t ruling out punishing the Iraqi government for not reaching benchmarks, because his Administration has deceitfully linked concepts of reconciliation and equitable oil revenue sharing to passage of the Hydrocarbon Act which leads to privatization of Iraq’s oil wealth.

“Democrats have denied they are for anything which privatizes Iraq’s oil, which means they may be largely unaware of what is in the bill because of Mr. Bush’s deception.

“This entire matter about control of Iraq’s oil would be a farce, if it were not so tragic in its implication. First, Congress wanted benchmarks because the President wanted them. Now the President wants benchmarks because Congress wants them. Who is the father of this baby?!

“Meanwhile Congress prepares to continue to fund the war while the White House crafts a bipartisan consensus to force Iraq to show “progress,” meaning Iraq gives up control of its oil. This war will never end if Iraqis believe we are trying to steal their oil, and, given the substance of the Hydrocarbon Act, how could they believe anything else?”

OIL motive for IRAQ WAR resources

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