Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Does Big Oil own Bush?

all 50 state AGs asked Gonzo to probe gas price fixing. He said NO.

At the Judiciary Committee Task Force on Antitrust hearings of gas price fixing, Richard Blumenthal, Attorney General for the State of Connecticut, said the following:

“We pleaded with Attorney General Gonzales and FTC Chairman Majoras, Platt, [sic] to begin an investigation of the oil industry, and we offered our partnership in that work. All 50 Attorneys General have hands full investigating monopolistic abuses on the part of the oil industry, but we lack the authority, and expertise, and resources of the federal government. And so we invited, we beseeched the federal government to join us in that investigation and so far they have declined to do so.


These were both republican and democrat state AGs. At what point will people start to ask if this administration is looking out for the interest of all the American people or is a wholly owned subsidiary of a handful of corporations?

The other sins of big oil that cost us tax dollars and lives:

OIL motive for IRAQ WAR resources

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William Bunker said...

hey there. big oil buys patents and oil deposits in America and doesn't use them to raise profits.

this is antitrust.