Sunday, March 18, 2007

Senators go to Iraq to press passage of OIL THEFT law

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska (a state with lot of oil money sloshing around) went to Iraq to say a timetable for pulling out is a bad idea, the surge will work, and to remind the Iraqis of their duty to pass the Bush administration coerced and oil company written hydrocarbon law:

Murkowski said the senators specifically asked Iraqi lawmakers about the draft hydrocarbon law approved in early March and yet to be passed by the Iraqi Council of Representatives. The law would draft a strategy for developing and managing the oil wealth of the country. The senator said she was confident Iraqi lawmakers were making the legislation a priority.

If this law were in the interests of the Iraqis, why would Bush and Republican senators have to remind the Iraqis to do this? Do people have to remind you to eat or sleep? Usually, when a salesman is putting on the pressure, it's because they are afraid you'll slow down, look at the fine print, and realize you are being screwed.

In this case, the Bushies are probably worried that once the troops are gone the Iraqis will do the right thing and use the hydrocarbon law to wipe their asses.

Antonia Juhasz, Greg Palast, Greg Muttitt, and Joshua Holland have all provided ample evidence of why the Iraqis should be wary.

The Sopranos provides the simplest explanation of how the deal the Bushies are forcing on the Iraqis works. In most oil rich countries like Saudi, Iran, or Kuwait, the oil companies are like the garbage companies in the Sopranos. Tony may run it and make a tidy profit, but it has no real effect on your home or business who hauls away your garbage. What the Bushies want is to treat Iraq the way Tony treated a gambling addict who got in over his head. He paid for his debts by giving Tony a share of his business. By the time it was all over, Tony had the business and the gambler had nothing.

A real world example might be the Bush administration's other favorite bad guy, Hugo Chavez. They hate him because he only wanted the oil companies to get 70% of Venezuelas oil income instead of 84%.

Ironically, AMERICA gives 84% to oil companies, but we have far more important things to vote about like prayer in school or whether yard gnomes are idols to false gods.

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