Friday, March 23, 2007

Are your senators or congressman big oil's bitch? FIND OUT

You can find out which of your reps needs a boot in the ass here:

The results I got when I plugged in my zip code weren't necessarily surprising, but more like factual confirmation of my suspicions about Dianne Feinstein. When it comes to war & trade, Feinstein breaks with big business not the American people. Her husband even got one of those scam contracts in Iraq.

Hopefully, when she gets tired of being a senator and moves to K Street, she'll be replaced by a real progressive.

Normally, this kind of corruption wouldn't bother me that much, but as Congress drags their feet on ending the Iraq War, and refuses to stop Bush from starting the Iran War, it's reasonable to assume $147,000 in Dianne Feinstein's pocket or over a million in some other senators pocket doesn't mean more to them than the leg of a soldier or marine torn off by an IED or Iraqi kid whose arms are burned off in an air strike.

OIL MOTIVE for Iraq War resources