Tuesday, January 02, 2007

LETTER TO CONGRESS: investigate OIL motive for war and its affect on delaying withdrawal

Sent to my two senators and congressman:

Please investigate or urge the relevant committees to investigate the oil motive for the Iraq War, starting with the Cheney Energy task force in 2001 through the administration plan to privatize and expropriate Iraq's oil, the negotiation of production sharing agreements, oil company pressure to dictate the terms of the Iraqi Hydrocarbon Law, and most importantly, how oil company pressure may be slowing the pullout of our troops. Ironically, this was one area where the Iraq Study Group agreed with the Bush administration. The ISG urged them to continue to pursue privatization of Iraq's oil for the benefit of oil companies.

We use 25% of the world's oil, so those countries would be slitting their own throats if they ever tried to cut us off. Therefore, there is no strategic need to occupy and have American companies pump that oil apart from making those companies more profitable, especially since they have shown no gratitude to the American people at the gas pump and continue to demand tax cuts and subsidies.

Although the mainstream press has been largely silent on this, the American people have figured it out, and if we hear more empty platitudes while Washington continues to pander to big oil, we will have to assume we can't trust the Democrats either.

I have read some very encouraging things about what the Democrats plan to do with control of Congress. Being honest about why we are in Iraq and taking bold action instead of telling kinder, gentler lies would be an excellent start.

If you are unfamiliar with what I am talking about (which I doubt), please read some of these news stories and research on the oil motive for the war:



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