Friday, March 17, 2006

VIDEO: Daily Show transforms Paul Hackett into a Dickless Democrat

This is painfully dead on. They take Paul Hackett, get advice from a Democratic consultant (I hope to God he isn't a real guy who gets work) and transform him into a bland, inoffensive, forgetable candidate.

At one point, the consultant says "An advantage we have right now is an opponent who keeps messing up," and the correspondent said, "Yeah, I was being mugged by a bum the other day, beating me with a bottle, and instead of fighting back, I was going to wait and see if he accidentally hit himself. Sure enough, he did." That about sums up what the "rope a dope," "keep your powder dry," or whatever the fuck you want to call it dumbass strategy looks like to the rest of us. We are getting mugged and Democrats think they will win because people because people will notice the mugging more than them doing nothing about it.

Whatever his flaws are, when you see Paul Hackett speak, you get the sense there's a person there, and he feels strongly enough about what he says that he will probably actually do it.

A lot of other Dems stick to such bland platitudes that you can't tell if they are pursuing them or not.

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