Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My response to Carl Levin fundraising letter: Do more than just harm me less than GOP

I just got the below email from Carl Levin and it really irked me--Democrats may not be as bad as republicans on a lot of issues, but that is very far from reflecting the true wishes of the American people.

So I sent him this letter.

Feel free to do the same at his DC office or the address he wrote from "the Friends of Carl Levin" or go to his website.

Sen. Levin,

I appreciate the oversight hearings the Democrats have been doing since winning in November, but they are failing abysmally to do the two things Democrats want most: remove Bush & Cheney, and end the war in Iraq. Not only have you failed to take meaningful action on either of those two, you even failed to effectively block or even protest much their plans to invade Iran.

Frankly, you guys seem to take opinions and welfare of average Americans about as seriously as you do designating a national butterfly. You give us non-binding resolutions and empty platitudes. But when defense and oil companies come knocking, you hand out hundreds of billions of dollars and spill oceans of American and Iraqi blood.

If the Democrats want my money, they have to do more than just screw me 3% less than the GOP.


I think I'm a little impatient with him in light of a big lie he told about Iraq a few years back, that made it look like Democrats were knowingly complicit in the corporate looting of Iraq.

The Michigan senator, who is the ranking Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee and a frequent visitor to Iraq, said that one of the few points on which the main Iraqi ethnic and sectarian political groups agree was that all want U.S. forces to remain in the country. The Bush administration should use that consensus to forge political compromise, Levin argued.


Levin also supported the benchmarks in the Iraq Appropriations bill including demanding that Iraqis pass the Hydrocarbon Law that gives up to 80% of their oil income to oil companies, was drafted by oil company lobbyists and forced on the Iraqis by Bush. That law is not only a prima facie war crime, it will incite more hatred of the US in Iraq and the Arab world. Wasn't the excuse for invading REDUCING terrorism? But people like Levin, just like the Bushies, think we won't notice.

These douchebags think that like the right we will lap up whatever symbolic gestures they make toward our priorities, and not notice that they are whoring themselves to the same interests the GOP does.

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