Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Iraqi parliament demands vote to end occupation

The Iraqi parliament seems to understand democracy better than our congress.

They demanded the authority to approve or disapprove of extending the occupation in December, and plan not to renew it. If they did renew, it would only be in exchange for a binding timeline for withdrawal.

From the Al Jazeera article:

Iraqi politicians have passed a resolution requiring the government to seek parliamentary permission before asking the UN to extend the mandate for US-led forces in Iraq.

The measure was approved on Tuesday and reflects a growing disenchantment with the US-backed government.

The Sadrist-drafted resolution passed with a vote of 85 to 59.

The members of parliament voted along party lines, with Sunnis joining the bloc loyal to Muqtada al-Sadr, a Shia leader, and another Shia party at odds with the leadership.


...lawmakers reached in Baghdad today said that they do in fact plan on blocking the extension of the coalition's mandate when it comes up for renewal six months from now.

Reached today by phone in Baghdad, Nassar al Rubaie, the head of Al-Sadr bloc in Iraq's Council of Representatives, said, "This new binding resolution will prevent the government from renewing the U.N. mandate without the parliament's permission. They'll need to come back to us by the end of the year, and we will definitely refuse to extend the U.N. mandate without conditions." Rubaie added: "There will be no such a thing as a blank check for renewing the U.N. mandate anymore, any renewal will be attached to a timetable for a complete withdrawal."

Associated Press story on vote
(insulting to Iraqis)

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