Saturday, February 10, 2007

ZOGBY POLL: 73% say Iraq's oil a factor in the war

A couple of observations on this:

  • the number that don't believe is pretty close to those still support Bush and think yard gnomes are idols to worship false gods.

  • more seriously, our elected leaders are not talking about something 73% of Americans know or think.
The Democrats victory last November will be meaningless if they don't bring the real issues out of the smoke-filled room and into the public debate, and instead just give us a nicer puppet show than the GOP one.

By not talking about this in public, they are tacitly approving of the agenda of invading another country, killing 600,000 of their people, 3,000 of our troops, and spending half a trillion of our tax dollars, to increase the profits of a handful of private corporations.

When Democrats start talking about the Cheney Energy Task Force and connect the dots between the oil industry, the neocons, and who exactly is profiting from this war, the American people will demand that it end NOW.


Analysis: Americans say Iraq war over oil

Ben Lando
January 29, 2007

WASHINGTON -- Most Americans think President George W. Bush invaded Iraq at least partly because of its oil. More than half rate him as "poor" in handling the subsequent war, and nearly all say that this has affected the price of gas at the pump.

The UPI/Zogby International interactive poll of 6,909 US adults January 16 to 18 found 32.7 percent considered Iraq's oil supply a "major factor" and 23.7 percent "not a factor" in the decision to invade the country. Another 40.7 percent were split somewhere in between, while 2.9 percent were "not sure."

The poll, released January 23, had a margin of error of 1.2 percent and comes as Iraq's draft oil law - still mired in factional fighting - has become a main focus of the Bush administration.

Credit to Hands off Iraqi oil for finding this story.

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