Monday, November 13, 2006

IMPEACHMENT POSTCARDS to send Pelosi and other Congresspersons

Both are 4 x 6.

I made a separate one for Pelosi because I thought I could put her address on the other side, but they don't let you customize that.

If you got the generic ones, you could send one to Pelosi, your congressperson, your senators, and give another set to someone else to do the same.

Get 'em here:

The back of both is a generic postcard format with layout for stamp, address, return address, and room for additional comments.

To Pelosi:

Send to:

Nancy Pelosi
2371 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515

District Office:

450 Golden Gate Ave.
14th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

It would be nice if she had a half million or more of these waiting for her the first day she's Speaker of the House.

No name specified:

Find your congressperson or senators & their addresses:

If you want to use or modify the content in a letter of your own, you can find the text to copy here:

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colorado bob said...

The postcard is a nice touch. Work up the front .... pre-addressed ready to print. All they have to do is download and sign it .

I was referring the first time I saw your page, I said, " Damn this is cool ." So I set out to learn how to mount the pictures in the background. I love the way this stuff floats in front of the picture.

colorado bob said...

Prof ... Here's one you'll enjoy , check out the video is really pretty good.

Mad Mustard

colorado bob said...

Here's hoping for Happy Thanksgiving at your place.

I reworked the site ... Am I Getting Better ?