Sunday, February 19, 2006

Did Yahoo block this: "How and Why Bush will invade Iran"

I sent this post about the coming Iran War in an email a couple of days ago, and it bounced to all the yahoo addresses I sent it to.

I have had several political emails bounce like this.

Ironically, a few weeks ago it was reported that MSN and Yahoo turned over search data to the Bush administration. It is not hard to imagine them cooperating with the Bush administration in other ways. During the recently concluded Cyber Storm wargames, one of their targets was bloggers and blocking the flow of information that didn't fit their agenda.

Maybe yahoo is just confusing my mail with spam, but if you get emails from me, you might consider using another email service (at least to hear from me) or check my blog from time to time since I post most of this stuff there:

Major newspapers,TV networks, and most talk radio are owned by the people who are profiting from screwing us.

There are two streams of information that the right doesn't control or intimidate: higher education and the internet. Everyone receiving this has the internet at their disposal and should use it as a form of resistance by being informed and informing others.
  • Read

  • Research

  • Email

  • Post to discussion boards and blogs

  • Tell others what you have read

It seems like just screwing around, but it scares the right and it should: the right wing government of Spain was defeated because enough people were wired into alternative news sources to know that their Prime Minister was lying about the terrorist attack right before the election.

A turning point like that could happen here if enough people are plugged in before the next war war or terrorist attack used to justify it.

Most of the stuff I'm sending around comes from a handful of sources that crawl the internet for under-reported, crucial news and analysis:

and one absolutely indispensible hour of radio a day with the most important stories and zero bullshit: (90.7 FM here in SoCal)

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