Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pew Polls of Arab & World attitude toward US

This is a reality check for those who think anyone outside the United States buys the Bush propaganda.

The first set of numbers is from some Arab countries and the last two sets are from Iraqis themselves.

In the Muslim countries bordering Iraq, support for our War on Terror was highest in Lebanon at 31% and all the others were around 20%. They were also glad their countries didn't help us invade Iraq, 63% agreeing in Pakistan, 81% in Turkey, and 89% in Jordan. It's odd that Turkey and Jordan have such high negatives for the war given that they border Iraq...

Maybe they didn't think Saddam was a threat?

The other striking figures here are that most don't buy our "spreading democracy" pitch. They see through it. It is just the American right and the media that gives them a free pass that even pretend to take this seriously.

The firs set of data is from the Pew Global Attitudes Poll June 2005

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Gallup Spring 2004 (before Abu Ghraib photos):


Coalition provisional authority's own poll (spring 2004 after Abu Ghraib photos): source:

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