Saturday, October 15, 2005

Chavez more honest about OIL CRISIS than US pols

It's sad that the president of a Latin American country is more honest about our energy situation than our own elected officials. If you don't trust Hugo Chavez, National Geographic, Scientific American, and gas and oil journals have been making the same point for a while.

National Geographic: "End of Cheap Oil"

Scientific American: "the End of Cheap Oil"

Collection newspaper, magazine and technical articles on peak oil

I'm faxing this to all our senators and telling them to start telling us the truth about our energy situation and how it's driving our foreign policy. Maybe if they let us in on the debate, we'd choose to do something other than occupy oil producing countries until the oil companies suck every last drop out of the ground and leave us with the debt of hatred and emnity of those countries this earned.

Oil companies practice a nearly perfect example of one corporate mantra: "Socialize risk and privatize profits." We risk our tax dollars, our good reputation abroad, and our soldiers lives, and oil companies reap the profits.


Chavez: World Faces Major Energy Crisis

By CIARAN GILES, Associated Press Writer 21 minutes ago

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Saturday that the world faces an energy crisis but there is little chance of his country and other OPEC members increasing production because they are already pumping near "their capacity."

"We're at the doorway of major energy crisis worldwide," Chavez said. "We'll have to develop other resources such as wind, solar and nuclear energy — naturally for peaceful purposes." He said Venezuela was in talks with Argentina and Brazil regarding nuclear power.

"The United States for example, with scarcely five percent of the world's population, uses almost 25 percent of the petroleum and combustion fuels produced in the world," he said.

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