Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Russia, China, & others ask US to leave Central Asia

This is pretty serious. Russia, China, and the former Soviet Republics around the Caspian Sea oil region have asked us to withdraw our troops that most Americans don't know are there.

This is a major piece of the neo-conservative plan to dominate the oil producing regions of the world, and these countries are right above Iraq and Iran too, so this will put a crimp in their plans to invade Iran.

These countries don't necessarily have a beef with us, but the Bush people are creating one, and increasing the likelihood of having a wider conflict with Russia and China.

As we saw in the Korean War, it's a bad idea to fight China anywhere their troops can walk to.

With the end of the Cold War, the next fight will only be about whose corporations control the world's shrinking oil supply, and those corporations aint going to share the profits with us, or even give us a break on gas prices.

Since we are all on roughly the same page on economic systems, this should be a period of unparalleled peace in world history. Instead, Bush and his cronies are herding mankind toward the slaughter.

If this continues, people who go to protests should do more than hold signs and instead engage in civil disobedience and literally stop the things you want stopped. Block the driveways and train tracks, the entrance to induction centers and the businesses that are bleeding our country dry. They did this peacefully in Bolivia recently, and the corrupt politicians literally fled.

The other piece we need is for the military to stop following the orders of a corrupt regime. This happened in Russia during the hard-liner coup against Gorbachev. If you know someone in the military, urge them not to refuse to invade another country, and if deployed at home, refuse to fire on or threaten your fellow citizens. If they start voicing this now instead of waiting till asked to do so, it could help prevent the worst that the Bushies have in mind.


US urged to give bases deadline

An alliance of former Soviet states and China has urged the US-led coalition in Afghanistan to set a timetable for withdrawing troops from member states.

The Shanghai Co-operation Organisation said it continued to support the anti-terror coalition in Afghanistan, which had stabilised the situation.

But in a joint statement the group said the active military phase of the Afghan operation was nearing completion.

Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan host US bases used to back troops in Afghanistan.

About 18,000 coalition forces are in Afghanistan tracking al-Qaeda and Taleban militants.

At talks in Kazakhstan, the Shanghai group called on the coalition to agree a deadline for ending the temporary use of bases and air space in nearby countries.

Correspondents say the statement appears to reflect increasing concerns that the US is encouraging the overthrow of Central Asia's authoritarian governments.

The statement comes after Kyrgyzstan's leader was ousted in March, and follows Western criticism of the Uzbek authorities for their violent suppression of dissent in eastern Uzbekistan.

Europe's security body, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), said between 300-500 people died when troops fired on a rally in the city of Andijan. Tashkent says 173 died.

Published: 2005/07/05 12:34:30 GMT
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