Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WHITE HOUSE PETITION: fully pardon Bradley Manning

There probably are and will be more of these various places, but posting one on the White House website makes it harder for them to say haven't seen it, and for others who stumble across it on their site, it will be like a scarlet letter.

Who knows, it might even force Obama to act.

SIGN HERE & pass it on to your friends.


Pardon Bradley Manning and reduce his sentence to time served. 
His 35 year sentence is greater than that given to uniformed members of the military who tortured or massacred civilians, and typically got ten years and served far less. 
The Bush admin lied about their case for war led to the deaths of thousand of troops and a million Iraqis but weren't even tried. 
A prosecution witness in the Manning trial said NO deaths resulted from his leaks. 
Manning's leaks exposed war crimes and helped spark the Arab Spring democracy movement. 
The only "damage" he did was to the ability of our government to lie to our people about the means and motives of our foreign policy. 
Clean up the corruption and moral squalor in corridors of power in Washington instead of punishing the person who exposed it. 

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