Sunday, July 17, 2011

the rich should fear their servants

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article that said the greatest fear of the wealthy is political violence in the streets.

But it’s not the people outside the gates they should fear--it’s all the ”little” people they need to fear run their lives, the butlers, nannies, drivers, gardeners, accountants, ass-wipers, and probably even the private security.

Even if these servants are well-compensated, they have eyes and ears and could realize that their bosses are screwing their friends and family and even endangering their lives.

Those inside the walls might take action or even leak some useful information to the rest of us.

Jack London wrote about this happening in a revolution in the US in THE IRON HEEL. It was incredibly accurate about the methods of the wealthy today even though it was written over a hundred years ago.

You can see a real life example of this in THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED when the wealthy of Venezuela are fretting on camera that their servants may be spying on them, then the camera turns for just a second to a Native maid dusting whose eyes flash up making you wonder if they were right.

So it will be here.

We have already seen this with low and mid-level people who execute the orders of the rich in the defense and foreign policy establishment, from functionaries who refuse to lie like the Iraq Survey Group and the pre-Iraq War intel analysts, to those in the military who leaked specifics of war plans against Iran and the suspicious movement of nuclear weapons in the US, to the wholesale leaking of Bradley Manning.

You can’t be an idiot and do those kind of government jobs, and when they see the real agenda, not of protecting our security or even enriching average Americans, but of killing people and crushing democracies to enrich a very few, they can’t do their job blindly forever. As Frederick Douglass said, when someone realizes they are doing an injustice, either they will be eaten by guilt until they end the injustice or they will figure out a way to justify it in their mind.

In the Internet Age, when it is so easy to find other opinions and facts about what’s going on, a literate person would have a hard time keeping up the walls of rationalization for long.

When enough of their servants say “ENOUGH,” their day will be over. Then we can get on with solving our pressing problems without worrying about whether the solutions offend or cut into the profit margins of  pampered, morally degenerate trust fund babies.

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Cisco Kid said...

We are definitely NOT learning from history. If you were to look through history, you will see how great empires fell; For example, the Roman Empire, the Emperor was above the law, and the Roman Senate was basically just a rubber stamp for him to start wars of aggression to expand the empire. To make matters worst, they catered to the rich and their needs; as for the little people, I think that Mel Brooks wrote it best in his classic History Of The World Part 1 when the Roman Senators are voting for another tax break for the rich, or to help the poor. The Roman Senators all agreed: "F**K THE POOR!"

The people at the top knew that their empire was decaying, but to keep the people occupied, they had sporting events, races, and everything to keep them busy.

The Roman Empire and the United States are totally two different areas in history, but, if you look at where the Roman Empire at it's peak, and where it started to go downhill, it looks like history is repeating itself; running ourselves into debt by three official wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya), and a TON of secret wars that we don't know about, cutting taxes and giving the power to the rich and wealthy while cutting services for basic necessities for the bottom 98%, corporations shipping jobs oversea's to maximize their profits, and the list goes on. Also, do you see people protesting in the streets? You may, but not many; the people at the top know that if you keep the "peasants" busy, you can basically continue the party, but, time will come when the rich and wealthy in this country will fear for their own safety; when ordinary people have nothing else; no food, job, house, and car, they will get angry. Their is already anger building up with the people in this country; people are tired, hungry, and out of work. Eventually, it will boil over to the point where there is no turning it off; the rich and the wealthy already fear the people, it is just a matter of time of if, when, and where of who is going to stand up and fight against these vultures who take us for granted. I'd say it's past time; if you want change in this country, we have to do our constitutional duty to let the people at the top know that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE!