Saturday, October 11, 2008

PHOTO: Is a right wing website fantasizing about killing McCain?

Is it just me or is there some other way of interpreting this combination of text and photo?

This is a real page, not a photoshop. You can see it HERE.

click pic to see full-sized

What is really sad about this is that as dyspeptic, volatile, and erratic as John McCain is lately, and as dangerous as he would be as president, I don't think any of us on the left are wishing the guy an unnatural death.

However, it looks like members of his own party are --and it's because he is not violent and ignorant enough for their tastes.

Maybe the Secret Service needs to help them work through their feelings.

UPDATE: Maybe they saw this post and felt guilty. By the next morning, the photo and caption had beeen changed to this:

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UPDATE II: One of the comments pointed out that they rotate images with their fundraising ads. I took another look, and the Palin aiming a rifle is still in the mix.


jc said...

This is a rotating graphic at FR during their fundraising periods. It will change frequently.

Unfortunately, I believe Sarah's gun is supposed to be pointed at us.

Anon-Paranoid said...

You should contact the Secret Service about this.

I already called them after her Clearwater rally where a supporter yelled "kill him".

They need to all be held personally responsible if anything happens to Senator Obama.

They should know that there will be no place in Heaven, Hell or on this earth where they will be safe.

Maybe if they thought that they would have to look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives wondering if someone was going to walk up to them and shoot them they may not want to run racist ads that fuel hatred.

Or even wondering if when they get in their vehicles and turn the key them may end up blowing themselves up.

I wish no harm on anyone, but these racist, bigoted Republican Fascist Nazi's need to know that they may pay a price their not really willing to pay. One that may cost them their lives if anything happens to Senator Obama.

God Bless.

WDRussell said...

Ms Palin is the US version of president Morgan Clark.
Its from sci-fi.