Thursday, June 12, 2008

TELL PELOSI: Bush impeachment polls as high as Nixon when he resigned

House Judiciary Committee Chair John Conyers challenged impeachment activists to rebut his arguments against impeaching Bush.

One of his arguments against impeaching Bush is lack of public support.

However, with a near complete media blackout of the issue, the very first poll showed more support for impeaching Bush than there was for impeaching Clinton after eight years of 24/7 scandal-mongering, and only slightly less than there was for impeaching Nixon, THE DAY BEFORE HE RESIGNED.

So lack of public support is not an argument. Once proceedings start, it would likely dwarf support for impeaching Nixon as well.

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doswheeler said...

Personally, not only would I like to see Dictator Bush impeached, I would like to see him shipped to Iraq and made to answer for his Crimes Against Humanity. Enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

A great suggestion is that Bush be sent to Iraq as U.S. Ambassador!

Sid said...

I do believe that espionage,during a time of war, in America, is punisible by Firing Squad.
Is not outing an undercover agent of America while America during war not espionage?? Mr. Bush has done this through Mr. Cheney. And you, Ms. Pelosi, gave Bush the money to continue this war in Iraq when you know you were elected to end it. Bye now, Ms. Pelosi. Say bye to your career.