Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Joe Lieberman will be VP on BOTH Clinton and McCain 2008 tickets

Sen. Joe Lieberman with running mates Senators John McCain and Hillary Clinton

It has long been suspected that Joe Lieberman would make history by being the first person to run for vice president for both major political parties, but now he will top himself and potentially appear as VP candidate for both parties at the same time.

Lieberman was Al Gore's running mate in 2000, and has been widely rumored to be John McCain's choice this year.

Today, Lieberman not only announced that he will be on the Republican ticket, but that he will also be on the Democratic ticket if Hillary Clinton is the nominee.

"I think this shows what is really great about America," Lieberman said at his press conference. "There is something for everyone in this decision. Voters get to choose between two candidates who differ on issues like gay rights, abortion, and whether blacks should continue to be allowed to vote, all issues which people of good will can legitimately disagree on, while the business community can be reassured that when president Bush is out of office, nothing will change in terms of tax, regulatory, trade, or our Iraq and future war policies."

Sen. Clinton said, "Joe is the smart choice. He is trusted and beloved by pundits, Republicans, corporate lobbyists, really all the people who matter. This signals them that they will not be forgotten by a new Clinton administration."

When asked if he had been approached by Sen. Barack Obama's campaign to be his running mate as well, Lieberman appeared pain. "We have not closed the door on that possibility," he said, "but Sen. McCain and myself recently tried to persuade him of the merits of having me on his ticket, and we have yet to hear back from him."

"Frankly, he is turning out to be a bit of a divisive personality," Lieberman added. "Even before these revelations about his pastor, Sen. Obama said some very hurtful things about the Iraq War before we even got it started. We were trying to put something together that could help building contractors, defense contractors, security contractors, and of course the oil industry, and his comments were not helpful at all. Just recently, he refused to even show up to vote for the Kyle-Lieberman amendment to exterminate Iran, a bill that had broad bipartisan support.

If he does win the nomination and eventually the presidency, he needs someone like me close by to help him straighten out his priorities. "

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