Friday, April 07, 2006

NEW DOCUMENTARY: troops rebelled to end Vietnam War

You have got to see this trailer and see the documentary when it comes to your town.

It is funny that the accepted history is that war protesters were hippies who spit on veterans (which has turned out to be an urban legend or disinformation), and the stories like Ron Kovic of Born on the Fourth of July and John Kerry's Winter Soldiers are seen as an anomaly, footnote, or left out all together. In fact, there was a pretty widespread rebellion in the military against the war, this clip shows Walter Cronkite acknowledging it, and Jane Fonda doing a skit on it in front of thousands of troops who applaud:

Fonda played the part of an aide to President Richard Nixon.

"Richard," she exclaims. "There's a terrible demonstration going on outside."

Nixon replies: "Oh, there's always a demonstration going on outside."

Fonda: "But Richard. This one is completely out of control. They're storming the White House."

"Oh, I think I better call out the 3rd Marines." Nixon exclaims.

"You, can't, Richard," says Fonda.

"Why not?" says Nixon.

She answers: "Because they ARE the 3rd Marines!"

From Alternet article on history of the military rebellion:



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Nate said...

It's good to see I'm not the only one endorsing this movie!