Sunday, November 13, 2005

Grinch 2005: You're a mean one, Mr. Bush

MoPaul posted the above artwork and his verses at

MoPaul's Post

The Professor Smartass verses:

You're a coward, Mr. Bush...

Your daddy was a pilot,
was shot down in the Great War,
that really must have scared you
so you never left our shore
We had a hot war raging
but you faced the Mexican Air Corps,
Even then you couldn't show up
and stopped at the liquor store,
Mr. Bush...

You even fear real questions
from old ladies and boy scouts.
Before you go in public
fat Karl picks the critics out.
He's sees a bumper sticker that says Kerry or Gore,
He calls the Secret Service and that traitor is no more,
Mr. Bush...

When Cindy came to see you
you ran away in fear.
When a soldier dies,
you don't even shed a tear...
You'd like to sell the bodies
harvest kidneys, hearts, and ears,
Mr. Bush...

You're no Santa, Mr. Bush...

You say you're cutting taxes
but it's only for the rich
You scratch a corporation
before it even has an itch...

But when the poor need healthcare
you tell them not to bitch
If they want to go to college
they must kill Arabs in a ditch

When black folks were a-drowning
you though you got your wish
Cause you'd go through their pockets
then feed them to the fish,
Mr. Bush...

You're a liar, Mr. Bush...

When the towers were hit on 9/11
you said you didn't know
but the only thing you didn't
was which specific floor,
Mr. Bush...

Your friends they owned the buildings
and cleaned up all the mess.
They made the bombs and bullets
to split the Arabs chests,
No matter what disaster,
they'll profit in excess
Mr. Bush...

You said Saddam had nukes,
and he'd make our children die,
Then just a few months later,
You did a skit about your lie.
You made reporters laugh, and Iraqi mothers cry,
Mr. Bush...

You said Saddam was bad,
that he tortured and was vile,
and Rummy ought to know
cause he shook his hand and smiled.

You knew his words on weapons,
were only a deceit.
Cause when your daddy sold them
he kept a damn receipt.

You said Saddam invaded
his old neighbor Iran
But we gave him all the bullets
and said that plan was grand

And now you'd like to show him
how to kill those Shi'ites right.
Uncle Dick would like to nuke them
and take their oil without a fight
He hides in a dark hole
and only fresh oil lures him,
that pasty heartless troll,
Mr. Bush...

Mo at MoPaul's Post

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