Saturday, September 10, 2005

what the GOP leadership fears

The woman in the wheelchair is old enough to have been around in Jim Crow times.

Now she and the little girl seem to be holding hands without a second thought.

In the wake of the hurricane, most black and white Americans saw themselves as on the same side, despite the GOP and their PR flaks attempts to create a racial divide and portray the survivors as savage looters and snipers.

I have often wonder if Martin Luther King was killed not for his civil rights work for blacks, or his opposition to Vietnam, but because the last cause he was involved in, that garbage workers strike, was showing that working class blacks and whites had more to gain as allies than enemies.

When divide and conquer doesn't work, the folks in the big house start to get worried.

We should do everything we can to keep this going.

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Michael said...

Hey Mike:

Bush admitted a mistake.

I'm stunned. It doesn't change anything, but I'm still stunned.

Stiletto Tongue said...

I don't think your theory is misguided or even far-fetched.

There is an economic element to be considered as well. Hate and division are good for the economy. And maintaining a well-stocked servient class.