Friday, April 01, 2005

Serious exchange on Bush Butler story

Re: Bush Butler apology
by: mahlonriggs
04/01/05 10:15 pm
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I would remind you that John Effing Kerry is also a Skull and Bones member. Be careful what you believe, it might bite you on your ass.

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Re: Bush Butler skull/bones butt buddy
by: Professor Smartass
04/02/05 02:24 am
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Kerry was a far from perfect candidate, and it doesn't speak well for our democracy when our choice of candidates run in the same incestuous circles of privilege.

On the other hand, Kerry didn't base his candidacy on homophobia and ostentatious religiousity, so even if the gay aspect of Skull & Bones initiation is true (and most fraternity initiations have strong homo-erotic undertones in any case), nor was he trying to establish the kind of cult of personality that requires people to think he is perfect when he is not. He was running for elected-office as the first among peers, not as self-appointed god-king.

If Bush was a good president, I wouldn't care if he was buggered in a coffin, didn't show up for all his air guard duty, or snorted coke until he was 40. I wouldn't care if he was gay or what he did in his personal life in office.

But the habit of focusing on these things seems to only matter when the candidate is a Democrat (or even an insufficiently conservative Republican).

If you spent the eight years Clinton was in office analyzing his job performance as closely as you did his penis, you might have figured out which of his policies made your life more difficult and which made it easier. Did welfare reform work? Deregulating the media? Clinton's approach globalization? Those are all things that I thnk he did less than ideal work on, and where conservatives who make less than $250K a year should be concerned about their effects too. But instead, you focused on his dick.

So I doubt that you really know if President Bush is helping or hurting you either. You just know that he likes to stand in front of the flag, and mouth allegiance to Christian and Democratic values, and you think he's actually acting on those values because the network and talk radio hosts that get faxed his talking points everyday say he is doing a wonderful job.

It doesn't matter if Bush or Kerry took it up the ass in college because we all are right now. The difference between you and me is, I know it, and you think it's a nasty case of hemorrhoids, but you can't be sure because you don't have health insurance and you don't get overtime pay any more, so you can't go to the doctor to find out.

But it all must be the fault of people like Kerry and Howard Dean.

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